Monday, May 3, 2010

The last of APRILS entries!

Stunning, stunning entries this month, thank you to all the girls who entered, so much inspiration!!!
I apologise for the delay in the blog update but I have been away and only got back yesterday...

Here are the last of Aprils entries, the next challenge will be uploaded tomorrow night!

Belinda Duffill
Anette Praestegaard Nielsen
Kylie Symons... Kerry Snell...
Marg Oliver...
Judith Armstrong..
Cathy Cafun...
Shandell Hawkshaw...


  1. Loved seeing everyone's "take" on the challenge this month. These are gorgeous LO's, girls.

  2. woweeee...there is some super talent in the world. Great to see so many different colours..YUMMY

  3. awww bugger, didn't you get my LO for this challenge. :(

    love these ones though